My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding…

My world right now revolves around weddings; I feel like I am eating, sleeping and breathing nuptials but I am aware (just!) that this isn’t the same for everyone. I know that one too many comments on the pros and cons of veil vs bolero and I could come over as a Bridezilla Bore. However it seems like the whole of the UK is swept up in a wedding frenzy right now with the Royal Wedding fast approaching from one corner and the current obsession with My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding in the other! Between these two matrimonial marvels there’s no real middle ground! Even the staunchest, hard-faced, anti-love brigadier can’t fail to get swept up in metres of taffeta and lace.

The first episode of MBFGW was clearly focussed on something we brides to be know well; its ALL about the dress. Not since Katie Price’s wedding to Peter Andre has a nation been so engrossed in pink tulle. Oh how we marvelled at the 20-stone gowns harbouring fairy lights and mechanical butterflies. Water coolers across the land buzzed with girlish gossip and twitter was momentarily taken over by ‘OMG did you see…’ tweets that it soon became a phenomenon impossible to miss. But as the series went on we got to learn more about these ceremonies, these people, their traditions and their way of life. Some things we disagreed with and others we probably recognised a lot within ourselves; somehow these people staring back at us through our TVs were so similar yet so alien to us at the same time.

There’s something clearly voyeuristic about MBFGW, we become invisible wedding crashers who get to see the inside track of numerous nuptials and pass judgement on the bride and groom’s decisions. Like newly engaged couples attending a friend’s wedding, suddenly every choice opens up an opportunity to critique. This month I’ve been to several wedding fairs and at the last one I spent some time by a wedding video stand. The movies themselves were so-so but what I really took away with me was the sheer variety of traditions and behaviours they portrayed. Every couple had their own way to celebrate; what really stood out were the weddings where the bride and groom had clearly been heavily involved with every element of the day and who were very much having a whole heap of fun. I was able to take key learnings away from each one; the most important being (and especially if you have a wedding videographer by the way) to smile, you never know when the camera will be on you!

The nation is going to have a bit of a MBFGW lull now and I fully suspect the population will be focussing all their energies onto the Royal Wedding instead. With Harry confirmed as Best Man everyone is wondering what exactly the Stag Do will spiral into and with rumours of Snoop Dogg performing there’s a part in all of us that secretly hopes Wills and Kate will come over just a little bit MBFGW!

At the end of the day, under all the fancy, frou frou and feathers these young women, be they Kate Middleton or Sam Skye Lee are just like us. They’re looking for a life partner, someone who they can spend the rest of their days with, to set down roots; building their own family and way of life. No amount of silk, satin, taffeta or tulle can disguise that fact. It just goes to show that love really does make the world go round…

Much love,

Little Miss Luxe xxx

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